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Vitokito Making the intangible, tangible

Vitokito.com - TFS2 and TFS4

The company

Vitokito.com aims to revolutionise the way users create, share, and discover information, content, ideas, and experiences.  Vitokito provides users with the means to disseminate and monetise their creative content and experiences while giving them the opportunity to use, asses, and improve the quality of their work by them and others.  Furthermore, Vitokito provides users with a sustainable marketing opportunity to promote “self-brand” throughout the evolution of their intellectual property and creative content.  

Strategic requirement

As an early stage start-up, the service Vitokito provides is novel. Gaining critical user mass became a challenge. The requirement was to increase user activity and traction, while handling user feedback in the most effective manner possible. 

The solution

Dr Randle provided us with a review of our current status, potential issues, identified key strengths and weaknesses; together we were able to outline an effective customer acquisition strategy to move forward.  Tacit also provided vitokito.com with accounting and tax support and adocument and version control framework.

Successful outcomes for the company

As a result, we have managed to achieve our set targets in terms of user activity and growth while responding to user feedback more efficiently whilst adopting a much more agile and effective development strategy. 


“Vitokito is based at Cranfield University business incubation centre (CUBIC) where Dr Wesley Randle in partnership with Bedfordshire council and Cranfield Technology park held a business clinic to help companies in the area.  Within a brief amount of time he was able to provide us with an “outsiders” view by critiquing key aspects of the company and the site which; he helped us to think about user acquisition and retention in a different way all together and develop and grow our company at a much faster rate.”

Dr. Shiroshana Tissera – Founder