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University of Bedfordshire - TFS6

The company

University of Bedfordshire

iBEST is the home of natural science research at the University of Bedfordshire. iBEST carries out research in two key areas:

The Institute focuses on postgraduate research, basic research, applied research and product development - in association with other academic groups and in collaboration with industry.

Strategic requirement

Support for technology transfer and IP commercialisation

The solution

Dr Wesley Randle of Tacit Fusion supported a team in our Institute of Biomedical and Environmental Science and Technology (iBEST) to exploit their research expertise on behalf of an external client.   

Successful outcomes for the company

The project required Wesley to build a detailed understanding of the science involved and support the team to negotiate the timescale and terms of a multi-stage R&D project.  


“Both our team of researchers and the external client were very happy with the support Wesley gave the project.   It has undoubtedly been a success and has helped establish a long term relationship with an important client for the research institute.”

Eamonn Keenan – Associate Director of the University’s Knowledge Hub
University of Bedfordshire