Tacit Fusion sitting in reception
SpotBlink Making the intangible, tangible

SpotBlink.com - TFS2 and TFS4

The company

Spotblink.com is all about experiencing the beauty of nature and feeling the thrill of adventure while having a minimum impact on the environment; there is no need to worry about maps, money, accommodation, local customs, or getting lost. We take care of everything; all you have to do is turn up.  SpotBlink Limited is Start-up Company based at Cranfield University business incubation centre (CUBIC) and promotes eco-friendly and sustainable tourism to destinations in the Far East. We have added Sri Lanka as the first destination.

Strategic requirement

As a start-up company operating in several destinations we were faced with many issues from company formation, to setting up document control and accounting. 

The solution

Tacit conducted a review of the requirements and provided us with the documentation, processes, framework, and guidance to setup and launch the company.  Furthermore, Tacit continues to provide Spotblink limited with accounting,tax support,best practice advice and tools such as customised recording and documentation templates.    

Successful outcomes for the company

After Tacits involvement, the operational processes of Spotblink have become much smoother and efficient. Furthermore, the quality of service we provide for our users has increased leading to additional user growth, and traction. 


“We met Dr Wesley Randle while attending a business incubation review held at Cranfield University; it was an extremely lucky happenstance where Wesley pointed out several potential issues which would have hindered Spotblink.com’s operations, growth, and traction. After a meeting with Dr Randle, Mike and Wesley were able to provide us with the right tools. They are exceptional in their dedication to the job and go above and beyond to help us to improve our operations and processes”.

Samurdi Witharana – Director