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Ecostyle Making the intangible, tangible

Ecostyle Ltd - TFS6

The company

EcoStyle promotes awareness and understanding of renewable energy technologies. The company designs and manufactures demonstration models to teach renewable energy in schools and colleges, or for use as marketing tools within industry. Established in 2002, EcoStyle has now supplied over 8,000 Renewable Energy Kits to organisations around the world.

Strategic requirement

As a result of an increased number of requests for the design of new products, the company wished to review its operating procedures to identify how it can operate more efficiently. The objective was to offer an improved service to the customer base while reducing overall operating costs.

The solution

Tacit Fusion conducted a review of ISO standards,  producing a standardised template for recording and documenting standard operating procedures (SOPs). The aim was to certify new and improved operating procedures for business critical processes.

Several new SOPs were introduced for key areas of the business, with additional job sheets and flow charts drafted to enable the company to focus on delivering a better service to their customers.

Successful outcomes for the company

EcoStyle were provided with new SOPs for their most business-critical processes and a template for documenting new processes in order to maintain efficiency. Existing practices were reviewed and improvements implemented, providing a more streamlined approach. The organisation was introduced to  ISO quality standards, ensuring the business was familiar with the required protocols for future development.


"We are very pleased to have received consultancy from Tacit Fusion.  We are currently planning for growth and putting robust procedures in place is an essential element of our strategy.  The consultancy was delivered by Dr Wesley Randle in collaboaration with the University of Bedfordshire and we very impressed with his level of expertise and professionalism."

Simon Hall – Director