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Chalmor Making the intangible, tangible

Chalmor Ltd - TFS5 Standard

The company

Chalmor specialise in long life energy efficient lighting products and intelligent controls for lighting, heating, water, ventilation and office equipment.  Chalmor’s philosophy is to take a holistic approach to energy management; assessing needs, identifying areas for improvement and creating solutions that are tailored to clients’ requirements and budgets.

Strategic requirement

Chalmor had developed an intangible asset internally and wanted to ensure it could be protected, recognised as an asset and commercialised.  

The solution

Tacit were engaged to provide a standard appraisal for a piece of intellectual property and provide licencing support.  Tacit set about building the model using input from Chalmor senior management.  The intellectual property was confirmed, classified, deconstructed, utility and economic benefits assessed and appropriate valuations made.  This provided Chalmor with clear information within a short report which allowed senior management to make more informed commercial decisions with strategic projects.

Successful outcomes for the company

We were able to understand the importance and value of our intellectual property, position it strategically within our organisation and enter commercial discussions with confidence.  Tangible financial benefits are now being returned.


"Working with Tacit Fusion provided objective, professional and informed advice and helped guide us through the complicated world of protecting our intellectual property. Tacit Fusion take a pragmatic and commercial view which is a refreshingly different approach."

Steven Henry - Managing Director

Chalmor Ltd