IPSim Making the intangible, tangible

IPSim - Simulating IP Commercialisation

IPSim is an instructional work-based tool that will teach the basics of IP and then take you on an intensive, practical and engaging simulation of IP backed tech commercialisation.   

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IPSim development history

Some people believe Intellectual Property (IP) commercialisation is a matter of Profit and Loss.  

It's not, it's much more important than that.  

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Bigger picture - better strategies

IP knowledge is often held by a select few in an organisation.  IP related decisions aren’t always as aligned as they should be to organisational goals.  IPSim is a safe way to explore and experiment with IP strategies enabling your organisation to make better decisions about IP.  Creating an IP strategy requires a big picture perspective of innovation, markets and human relationships.  IPSim helps you grasp and apply some of the important elements of IP that can impact tech commercialisation strategies. 

Where would IPSim be used?

IPSim can be used in a variety of settings.  It could be a lunch hour session in a break room within your organisation, in a conference room as part of a larger training experience for professionals or as a workshop for students majoring in business, science/tech or law.

The simulation is designed to allow for some noise tolerance from other users at other tables.  In a training room setting or classroom setting, multiple copies of the simulation would be running simultaneously.  IPSim does not require participation from experts in IP, strategy or commercialisation in order to make it work; but a trainer or teacher would be present to facilitate more informed use.

Objective of IPSim

You assume control as CEO of a knowledge-based company that develops technologies and commercialises IP in return for IP royalty incomes.  The object of IPSim is to commercialise as much tech in as many territories as possible whilst minimising the risk of being sued for infringement and maintaining a competitive IP advantage over other companies – ultimately being able to create an exit at the end of the simulation.  A successful and strategic company amasses securely protected IP tech that’s commercialised in all territories as well as IP that’s used for blocking or trading purposes. 

Selected Learning objectives

- Experience of IP portfolio management as a CEO

- Patent rights are territorial

- You can sell or license intellectual property rights

- Examples of patentable and non-patentable tech

- IP trading considerations

- Negotiation scenarios

- Live IP valuation using IPCalc our on-line valuation tool

- Offensive and Defensive use of IP

- Implications of open source commercialisation

- Infringement consequences


'Good simulation to help those that would like to learn about the commercialisation of IP.  The time limit placed on each player is a good thing, not just for time keeping, but it exerts some stress and encourages players to act fast like in the real world.'

Steve Khoo CEO (Tidal Harness Ltd)

'A well organised workshop and effective tool - would certainly reccomend.'

Muhammad Azam Roomi, Senior Lecturer (Cranfield University School of Management)

'IPSim is an enjoyable experience and also interesting to see interactions between players.  It gets you thinking about how IP works, the differences on some of the terms, where to develop IP and how other react.'

Gary Jesson, MD e-Financial Management (eFM)

'IPSim is both great fun and a great way to train and to test-out one’s ability to use all the elements of a sound IP strategy for growth. The simulation replicates our work in one of the most important aspects of successful innovation and commercialisation.'

Nick Gough, Head of Business and Commercial (Cranfield University)

'Playing IPSim was a great experience as I managed to put into practice some business related IP concepts. The tool is suitable for a broad range of players, helping beginners learn about IP concepts and is equally exciting for people with deep IP knowledge. It boosted my competitive spirit and was absolute fun. I would love to play it again.'

Elena Andonova, Consultant, ISIS Enterprise (ISIS Innovation Limited)  

Half day training for up to 12 people: £Contact us for pricing 

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World Map Board with a choice of 6 territories to compete in.  Action, Patent, Innovate and Trade cards are introduced throughout IPSim. QR codes can be scanned for additional information or perform IP Valuations using our on-line IPCalc tool. 




Each CEO receives an Assets Ledger to record Income,  Expenditure and IP Trades and...








...branded company counters to label their IP and tech on the World Map Board


Using money is optional and adds an element of realism to transactions








IPSim can be used in a small group or with larger groups of up to 12 people














IPSim being used at Cranfield University, England









IPSim ® Design Rights are owned by Tacit Fusion ® Limited.  IPSim is a trademark owned by Tacit Fusion Limited

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IPSim was inspired from an initial game treatment called IPQuest by Dianne Rees (http://www.atomicmeme.com/portfolio_IPQuest.html) through a CC licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/) where it was subsequently licenced, redesigned and developed for commercial use.  The original concept, format, design and content was modified significantly to ensure that the game was playable after several rounds of testing, prototyping and development.