Posted by Wesley Randle on 03/08/2012

The UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) is part of the UK governments Growth Accelerator programme.  As part of this support the UKIPO are offering an IP audit to businesses that are receiving the Growth Accelerator service under the 'Help to Innovate' stream.  

Companies engaged on a Help to Innovate project can apply to the UKIPO direct for a £3,000 (incl. of VAT) IP audit to allow them to gain a clear picture of their intellectual assets and develop an IP strategy to identify, protect and commercialise their intellectual property.  The audit covers all aspects of IP – Trade Marks, Patents, Registered Design Rights and Copyright  

This funding is only available to companies engaged on Help to Innovate projects until February 2013. The audit must be completed by a qualified IP professional and is paid to direct to the professional by the UKIPO.

Tacit Fusion are actively invovled with the Growth Accelerator and can support your business on the Help 2 Innovate stream - which would give your business access to the IP audit.

Contact us for more details should you wish to discuss this further.