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Tech industry welcomes and supports innovative IP game IPSim®

Posted by Wesley Randle on 02/12/2014



 Tech industry welcomes and supports innovative IP game IPSim®


Innovation and Business consultancy Tacit Fusion, UK successfully exceeded their KickStarter funding target of £3,000 and have now officially launched their innovative UK-developed commercialisation game IPSim® to a worldwide audience.

IPSim® is an interactive work tool aimed at engaging those in the innovation space with the bigger picture when it comes to their intellectual property, by simulating the commercialisation of IP and encouraging participants to take risks which can’t other wise be tested in ‘real-life’. 

IPSim® ran on Kickstarter from the 8th October 2014 to 16th November 2014. A total of 23 company’s and individuals backed the project from the UK, Nigeria, Netherlands, USA, Malta and New Zealand. These backers ranged from private individuals and business consultants to patent / legal / accounting firms, a plastics manufacture, a leading on-line market place in Nigeria, energy company's, software company's, a PR company, local authorities, a biotech company and a recruitment company! It is due to substantial funding received from Mathys And Squire LLP through the Kickstarter campaign that Tacit Fusion announced on December 1st that IPSim® software has now moved into production and IPSim® kits are now available on Amazon as well as ipsim.com.

On the back of this huge success Al Solve (www.aisolve.com), the leading UK based 3D Games Company, will be working in partnership with Tacit Fusion and Tacit Simulations Ltd (www.tacitsims.com) to develop IPSim® software, due to be launched in 2015.

Devi Kolli, CEO at AI Solve said: We’re passionate about turning cutting edge innovations into profitable business tools - IPSim exemplifies this perfectly.  It will be designed to challenge player’s decision-making skills throughout the game – providing a virtual environment that offers real-life like business experience where one can safely explore the consequences of IP risks.


The game has been a success in the UK and internationally, with sales in India, New Zealand, Malta, USA and UK.

Wesley Randle, Founder and CEO of Tacit Fusion said: “We are overwhelmed by the support and financial backing both here in the UK and overseas. The concept of teaching complex but valuable experienced-based lessons about IP and tech in an enjoyable and active environment has been embraced both in the workshops and now in the board game (kits) and software sales. We look forward to continued sales and development, enabling the IPSim® game to catalyse the launch of innovations worldwide.’

Participants experience the responsibility of tech portfolio management, assuming the role of a CEO or CFO, negotiating their way through various scenarios including trading considerations, negotiations, consequences of infringement and the offensive and defensive use of intellectual property. Workshops have been held in the UK at Cranfield University; and as far afield as Auckland, NZ at award winning Patent and IP firm James & Wells LLP.

IPSim® can be used in a variety of settings and formats.  It could be utilised in a lunch hour session in a break room within an organisation, in a conference room as part of a larger training experience for professionals or as a workshop for students majoring in business, science/tech or law.

Educating the masses about intellectual property can be a tricky task, but companies and universities that are champions of innovation, such as; James & Wells LLP, AZ Right Solicitors, Cranfield University, Imperial College London, University of Nottingham and Mathys & Squire LLP, are always searching for unique ways to upskill businesses and individuals on how to make the most of their intangible assets and have therefore all backed and purchased the game.

The overall objective of the game is to commercialise as many technologies in as many territories as possible, whilst minimising real-life risks such as being sued for infringement.

The winner of the game is determined by the person who has strategically secured and commercialised IP in all territories, as well as obtained intellectual property for trading purposes.

The IPSim® game is now available at IPSim.com and on Amazon.


For more information about Tacit Fusion and IPSim products and workshops please visit www.tacitfusion.com and www.IPSim.com

For more information about the backers of IPSIM http://tacitfusion.com/products/ipsim/ipsimkickstarterbackers/

Tacit Fusion is a commercially focused consulting and development company formed in 2008 that works with small companies and large multinationals.  Tacit Fusion supports companies in idea/concept development, business and innovation strategy, intangible asset management and IP valuation. 

For enquiries or more information please contact jo.loach@tacitfusion.co.uk, 07771 644808 or +44 (0) 1234 754992, www.tacitfusion.com or www.ipsim.com