Tacit agrees terms with two new Associates

Posted by Wesley Randle on 26/02/2013

We are pleased to announce that Tacit has agreed terms with two new Associates: Chartered Accountant Gareth Jones and Chartered Patent Attorney Ben Williams. 

We have been working with experts for a number of years which has worked really well.  The time is now right to formalise these relationships due to an increase in frequency and size of our business activity.  Having the right people involved will allow us to turn around projects and develop our products/services faster.  We have several great projects in the pipeline that have been in the concept phase for a few years and are now nearing reality.  

Gareth will be our Commercial Director working in two areas: increasing our top line and product development.  Ben will be working with us on various projects in which we'll be utilising his commercial experience and accrediation as a UK and European Patent Attorney.

It’s important for us to continue to develop our own products as well as the people we’re working with.  We believe in continuous strategic improvement.

We look forward to working with both Gareth and Ben in the coming years.