Successful IPSim workshop in Auckland, New Zealand

Posted by Wesley Randle on 30/10/2014

James & Wells opened their doors to high-end business professionals last week in order to facilitate New Zealand’s first look at UK-developed commercialisation game IPSim®.

The interactive work tool is aimed at engaging those in the innovation space with the bigger picture when it comes to their IP, by simulating the commercialisation of intellectual property and encouraging participants to take risks which can’t other wise be tested in ‘real-life’.  

Kate Wilson, Managing Partner at James & Wells welcomed the exercise as it involved ‘learning by stealth’.  Essentially teaching complex but valuable lessons in a highly enjoyable and active environment.

Participants experience the responsibility of portfolio management, assuming the role of a CEO or CFO negotiating their way through various scenarios including trading considerations, negotiations, consequences of infringement and the offensive and defensive use of intellectual property.

Educating the masses about intellectual property can be a tricky task, but for James & Wells, the champions of innovation are always searching for unique ways to upskill Kiwi’s on how to make the most of their intangible assets. 

Many learnings were gained, as was apparent from the recap at the end of the game.  Even though the participants were experienced, the multitude of scenarios played out by the different teams meant more combinations were able to be tested in a shorter time than real-life.  One interesting scenario was how to use open source to augment a patent filing strategy.

Some interesting insights into people’s personalities was also gained…

The overall objective of the game is to commercialise as many technologies in as many territories as possible, all the while minimising real-life risks such as being sued for infringement. 

The winner of the game is determined by the person who has strategically secured and commercialised IP in all territories, as well as obtained intellectual property for trading purposes. 

James & Wells has now purchased the game and will be looking at how they can use it further in their crusade to get Kiwis up to speed with the rest of the world on making the most of their innovation.

The project is currently looking for backing on crowd-funding website Kickstarter to help develop a software version of the game.

The Kickstarter project still needs some support to reach it’s target so pledge now before time runs out on 16th November 2014. You can visit the link and find out more here: 

For more information on Tacit Fusion and IPSim:

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