MAS grant for development of IP tool

Posted by Wesley Randle on 13/01/2013

Tacit has secured a second, 40% funded grant to convert our intangible asset valuation model into an on-line, web-based tool.  It will then be sold on-line as a standalone tool or as part of the Innovation and IP tool that is nearing completion in January 2013. 

The funding has been secured from the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) who are supported by Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) to help small companies in England. 

SilverToad Limited will be supporting Tacit to design, test and roll out the tool on our current website by April 2013.  The valuation tool is a basic tool that allows the user to perform a standardised, future income calculation by entering some standard assumptions and input variables.  This will produce a valuation with some sensitivity analysis.  In essence, this allows a layman to value their IP using a standardised methodology.  This has been developed through our own expertise as well as knowledge from Cranfield School of Management, chartered accountants and chartered patent attorneys. 

The valuation of intangibles is tricky and can be a complicated process that Tacit specialises in with more comprehensive cases.  The Tacit valuation tool will allow someone new to intangible valuation to quickly and robustly ascertain a ballpark valuation using a standardised and validated method before undertaking a comprehensive valuation.