IPSim trademark registered & domain acquired

Posted by Wesley Randle on 26/06/2013

IPSim trademark registered and domain name acquired

We're pleased to annouce that Tacit Fusion has secured a UK registered trademark for IPSim in classes 09, 28 and 41. This is an important step to protecting the IPSim brand around the world and developing the platform further

In addition, Tacit Fusion has also acquired the domain www.ipsim.com enabling further brand protection and distribution of IPSim on-line.

The first stages of commercialisation are already underway within several high-profile universities and organisations. IPSim is currently being delivered as a service in a workshop format to executives.

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IPSim is an instructional work-based tool that will teach the basics of IP and then take you on an intensive, practical and engaging simulation of IP backed tech commercialisation.