IPCalc Complimentary trial for 1 hour

Posted by Wesley Randle on 20/08/2014

IPCalc uses the ‘future income approach of free cash flows’ to value your assets - giving you a ‘market value’ in today’s money if income is expected in the future.  IPCalc is a standardized valuation tool so all you have to do is enter the figures related to your IP or Innovation, your company and the markets you’re looking to trade in.  The closer these figures represent real or market data - the closer IPCalc will get to a ‘market value’ for your intellectual property or Innovation.  The beauty of IPCalc is that you can go back and revise the model as many times as you like – particularly if you get more accurate input figures.

Complimentary trial of 1 hour

Leading Edge Only and Tacit Fusion have teamed up to provide you with access to IPCalc for 1 hour so you can begin to value your Intellectual Property and Innovation.  This should be enough time to enter all of your details, financial information and market data and to provide you with an indicative value.  Here’s some screen shots and a shortlist of figures and data you might want to have handy before you start the trial – there’s a full list here in our FAQs:

  1. Number of years for the valuation
  2. Pricing and Costing of Products
  3. Forecast Sales
  4. Forecast Sales Growth Rates
  5. Estimates of Variable Costs
  6. Tax rates
  7. Discount rates or Cost of Capital
  8. Expenses and Capital Expenditure

How do I get access and start my complimentary trial?

Click here to access to IPCalc and enter the promo code: LEO2014 in the ‘Organization Name’ box so we know you’re eligible for a complimentary trial.  We’ll then contact you and ask you when you would like to start your trial.