£5k Innovation Vouchers for SMEs

Posted by Wesley Randle on 28/11/2012

If you're an SME in England, that has not received more than £165k of public sector grant funding in the last 3 years, in the following sectors - Agri-food, Energy, Waste and Water - that would like to work with Tacit Fusion as a provider of Innovation, R&D, IP, Business development (financial analysis/business development), Business strategy, Technology transfer that hasn't worked with Tacit Fusion previously then.......

 .......you're eligible to apply for an Innovation Voucher of £5k (100% subsidised grant from Technology Strategy Board – no cost at all to you) and can nominate Tacit Fusion as the provider of the grant.  Click here for more information.

We will then be able to draw on ALL of our resources and expertise to deliver the required services to you.  Tacit Fusion is eligible to do this as a Companies House UK registered company experienced in tech transfer and knowledge commercialisation.  Tacit now has partnership agreements with a UK Chartered accountant, a UK/EU Chartered patent attorney, a Designer and we've recently acquired a 3D printer for prototyping that can be drawn upon for specific projects.  We have worked with clients ranging from SMEs to multinationals in the Agri-food-biotech sector as well as companies in both the energy and water sectors.  We have not only delivered these Innovation Vouchers before but we've also been the recipient of them too so we can support your application if necessary.

Please call us or forward this on to your network if you think this is something we can support you or any of your contacts with. 

Email: enquiries@tacitfusion.com
Telephone and Fax:
 +44 (0) 1234 754992