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  • Tacit Sims progress


    *PRESS RELEASE RE: TACIT SIMS: 15th**APRIL** 2015 * ...read more

  • Wesley Randle TEDxBedford 'Mutation Driven Innovation'


    On the 15th November 2014 Dr Wesley Randle from Tacit Fusion along with several other presenters gave his TEDxBedford talk on Mutation Driven Innovation. ...read more

  • Tech industry welcomes and supports innovative IP game IPSim®


      ...read more

  • Successful IPSim workshop in Auckland, New Zealand


    James & Wells opened their doors to high-end business professionals last week in order to facilitate New Zealand’s first look at UK-developed commercialisation game IPSim®. ...read more

  • IPCalc Complimentary trial for 1 hour


    IPCalc uses the ‘future income approach of free cash flows’ to value your assets - giving you a ‘market value’ in today’s money if income is expected in the future.  IPCalc is a standardized valuation tool so all you have to do is enter the figures related to your IP or Innovation, your company and the markets you’re looking to trade in.  The closer these figures represent real or market data - the closer IPCalc will get to a ‘market value’ for your intellectual property or Innovation.  The beauty of IPCalc is that you can go back and revise the model as many times as you like – particularly if you get more accurate input figures. ...read more

  • Tacit Growth Update


    In the last 12 months Tacit has grown significantly - we've been delivering to several new and existing clients - particularly of note is the Unilever/Goodman Joint Venture: Colworth Science Park[http://tacitfusion.com/testimonials/colworth-science-park/].  ...read more

  • Tacit Business Clinics Videos


    *Uber Shop Business Clinic Delivered by Tacit Fusion (2:05)* ...read more

  • IPSim trademark registered & domain acquired


    *IPSim trademark registered and domain name acquired* ...read more

  • Machins Solicitors LLP and Tacit Fusion


    *Machins Solicitors LLP and Tacit Fusion* ...read more

  • Tacit Fusion Community Trademark secured


    Tacit Fusion ® is now a registered community trademark of Tacit Fusion Limited with priority date of 23rd April 2012 and registration date of 12th of April 2013.   ...read more

  • Get IP right the first time - workshop


    Tuesday 5 March 2013 ...read more

  • Tacit agrees terms with two new Associates


    We are pleased to announce that Tacit has agreed terms with two new Associates: Chartered Accountant *Gareth Jones*[http://www.tacitfusion.com/about-us/associates/] and Chartered Patent Attorney Ben Williams.  ...read more

  • MAS grant for development of IP tool


    Tacit has secured a second, 40% funded grant to convert our intangible asset valuation model into an on-line, web-based tool.  It will then be sold on-line as a standalone tool or as part of the *Innovation and IP tool* that is nearing completion in January 2013.  ...read more

  • Travel grants awarded to Tacit Fusion


    Tacit has applied for and been granted two market visit support (MVS) grants to explore exporting our products and services to Ireland and the USA – specifically County Cork and California respectively. ...read more

  • £5k Innovation Vouchers for SMEs


    If you're an *SME* in England, that has not received more than £165k of public sector grant funding in the last 3 years, in the following sectors - Agri-food, Energy, Waste and Water - that would like to work with *Tacit* *Fusion* as a provider of Innovation, R&D, IP, Business development (financial analysis/business development), Business strategy, Technology transfer that *hasn't *worked with Tacit Fusion previously then....... ...read more

  • Licence agreement for IP tools


    We have been in discussions with several partners over the last couple of months to exclusively in-licence the rights to distribute and develop several IP tools.   ...read more

  • Grant for development of Innovation and IP tool


    Tacit has secured grant funding (50% matched spending) to design and prototype our Innovation and IP tool.  The funding has been secured from the Manufacturing Advisory Service (*MAS*) who are supported by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (*BIS*) to help manufacturing companies in England.  The funding will be used to develop our concept which is currently in the design phase.  *Simon Hall*[sitetree_link id=61] from Ecostyle Ltd will be supporting Tacit to design and prototype 12 units for beta testing using our *3D printer*[sitetree_link id=63].  The Innovation and IP tool will enable businesses and companies to convert their new ideas, concepts and innovations into reality, value them and simulate accelerated commercialisation. ...read more

  • Tacit moves into 3D printing


    We were considering outsourcing the design and build of our own products but decided to acquire a dual extrusion 3D printer – and will be designing and building our own! ...read more

  • Tacit appoints new Associate


    We are pleased to announce that Tacit has agreed terms with a new Associate: Designer Simon Hall[sitetree_link id=61].  ...read more

  • UKIPO IP Audit


    The UK Intellectual Property Office (*UKIPO*) is part of the UK governments *Growth Accelerator* programme.  As part of this support the UKIPO are offering an IP audit to businesses that are receiving the Growth Accelerator service under the 'Help to Innovate' stream.   ...read more

  • Tacit trademark registered


    Tacit Fusion ® is now a registered trademark of Tacit Fusion Limited with filing date of 23rd April 2012 and registration date of 3rd of August 2012. ...read more

  • Tacit Receives 'Innovation Voucher'


    Tacit Fusion Ltd applied for and successfully received an 'Innovation Voucher' in November 2010 worth £3k from the East of England Development Agency (EEDA) in the final round of funding. The voucher will be used to work with Keith Parker BSc MA (Oxon) MBA FCA Chartered MCIPD Dip Mus from Cranfield University to develop Tacits existing intangible asset appraisal models. ...read more

  • Tacit Returns Home


    Tacit Fusion Limited has moved back to Cranfield University – its birthplace. Tacit was formed while Wez, Rhonda and Mike were completing their executive MBA courses at Cranfield – a true Tacit Fusion! Since then, Tacit has been working with a varied group of regional knowledge-based companies and undergoing some product development work with Cranfield University’s School of Management. ...read more