Tacit Fusion
What is Tacit Fusion? Making the intangible, tangible

People often ask us what Tacit Fusion means.  Well here’s the explanation.  Nothing complicated – if you’ve ever worked with someone for a long time or just spent a lot of time with them you develop an understanding, a rhythm and an intuitive connection. True tacit fusion is a deep, empathetic, automatic understanding and continuous transfer of tacit knowledge between two or more people.  The need for articulation, discussion and communication subsides and you begin to work as a unified and successful team whilst at the same time, maintaining personal individuality.

There are many theories of knowledge creation but we broadly believe that there are two forms of tacit knowledge acquisition: a priori (knowledge that is already known, independent of experience) and a posteriori knowledge (knowledge that is known through experience, arrived at afterwards).  Each and every one of us has a varying degree of this tacit knowledge which makes us all unique. 

We look at how your business’ new knowledge is acquired, created and converted into products and services.  We believe that tacit fusion is reached once you’ve gone through this process many times.   At Tacit, we’ve done this a lot and we’re experienced in making this process work for you, by creating the right conditions for new knowledge creation to occur naturally.  We create a space for you to create­ and make the intangible, tangible.